Chiarman Message

Chairman message

To embark on a journey of success one needs the tools of preparedness, foresight and strategy. These lead to the path of growth and high quality operation. We endeavour to be one of the most competitive companies in the industry with emphasis on efficiency in operations and reliability for customers. Guided by our glorious past and geared towards the future, we have the key success factors necessary to withstand the winds of change. Our well-recognized market presence with a strong portfolio of products and services, is what will take us marching into the future, We began as the dream of one humble man and have extended beyond his wildest dreams. Let’s reach out even beyond, together

  Hassan Khan SI(M)


EGIPL expands its business to three continents in very short span of time with a great success. EGIPL, doing business on national and international level. EGIPL is progressing day by day. Our every thing is the utmost customer satisfaction. Our customers are our valuable assets.
EGIPL play a vital rule to the national economy. Play its rule to rotate the wheel of industry which is blood for any economy. EGIPL believe on Corporate Social Responsibility, and provide job opportunities , providing education assistance, helping and counseling new entrepreneurs and help them to find potential markets for them.